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WinPcap and Features

One of the many great features of WinPcap is the fact that it's released under the BSD open source license. What this means is that compared to other similar tools out there, the user has 100% freedom to make any changes to it and use it with any kind of apps he wants, regardless if the applications are commercial or freeware. For more information about where you can get the source code and binary.

High Performance

Another thing that makes WinPcap such an amazing tool to use is the fact that it implements all of the classic optimizations which are neatly presented in the packet capture literature, including partial packet copy, context switch mitigation and buffering. On top of that, it also comes with a few originals, such as kernel level statistic processing and JIT filter compilation. Due to these amazing features, WinPcap is by far one of the best network sniffers out there and it clearly outperforms a lot of similar tools.


There is a wide range of tools that currently uses WinPcap as their main network interface and these applications are both commercial and free. To name some of them, they are network testers, traffic generators, sniffers, network intrusion detection systems, network monitors, but also protocol analyzers. In fact, many of these tools, including WinDump, Snort, Nmap and Wireshark are really popular in the networking community. Due to its great ease of use, efficiency and excellent functionality, thousands of users download WinPcap on a daily basis.

Tested and Reliable

WinPcap is used on a wide range of platforms, but before people could run it without experiencing any kinds of issues, it had to be tested on them and this was mainly handled by thousands upon thousands of users all around the world. They were the ones that were able to pinpoint bugs and submit them for removal. Given the fact that the developers who created WinPcap have many years of experience as Windows driver writers, it came easy for them to write a program that is extremely powerful and stable. After all, if a driver has bugs, then sooner or later it's definitely going to lead to blue screens of death.

Easy to use for the final user

WinPcap can be downloaded as an .exe file and the good news is that it is supported on the majority of popular operating systems. Once the executable file is launched, your operating system will be able to capture and eventually send raw network traffic. It cannot get easier than that!

Easy to use for the programmer

Unlike "Wireshark", each WinPcap version features a developer's pack that comes with libraries and documentation, but also essential files each user needs in order to start with their own new app. When it comes to the developer's pack, it features several sample programs that can be immediately compiled with Cygnus or Visual Studio and are available as great starting points. Download WinPcap

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