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Taking a closer look at paessler's prtg network protocol analyzer

PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful network protocol analyzer that’s capable of monitoring several 1000s sensors concomitantly. Each sensor can be easily tagged for easy navigation through a wide range of sensors. The bandwidth and network monitoring data that’s generated by the software can be easily accessed with mobile devices, such as the iPhone or through a Windows application or an internet based front end. Better yet, extensive data filtering can be easily applied for jFlow, sFlow, Netflow and Packet sniffing depending on your monitoring preferences.

There are currently more than 150 thousand administrators that rely on the software on a daily basis in order to monitor their URLs, servers, WAN, LAN and to capture packets.

In fact, you can think of PRTG network protocol analyzer as your number one tool that guarantees continuous monitoring. It's so effective that even if your master server experiences any type of error or crashes, monitoring is not going to be interrupted.


PRTG Network Monitor is a very complex network monitoring tool that uses a built in protocol analyzer and many other analysis tools in order to monitor a wide range of networks types. Using it you can easily classify network traffic by IP address, customer parameters, user defined or protocol parameters. After the results are analyzed, they're going to be displayed in a wide range of tables and graphs which are very easy to read.

Even more amazing is the fact these tables or graphs are generated almost immediately for almost real time network usage reporting. Completely configured reports can be downloaded in many formats, such as PDF, RTF, TIF, Excel and HTML.

Efficient and fast storage of collected data is possible thanks to PRTG's internal database. Optional purging of old data and ZIP file data backup are also available.


Standout features

1. Various interfaces: With iPhone, Windows Graphics User Interface and browser-based interfaces available, the PRTG's interface can be accessed by using any device regardless of location, as long as you're connected to the internet.

2. Easy to Use: Since it features an intuitive startup Wizard, the software can be run with at least several kinds of sensors in just a few minutes. On top of that, users can also configure the software in order to look for extra devices by scanning a subnet on a regular basis.

3. Lightweight: PRTG makes use of small amounts of CPU time and active memory in order to monitor a tiny network of devices. On top of that, with a minimal HDD footprint per sensor, a lot of users are going to find that using PRTG on older systems won't be laggy at all.

4. Look for particular data strings in packets.

Bottom line for business

Every business network has one or more vital systems that can significantly reduce revenue, output and productivity in the event they experience a major outage. By using the PRTG network protocol analyzer though, network admins can easily monitor systems for errors and detect them before they cause major trouble. Because of that and more, PRTG Network Monitor is currently one of the best and most reliable network protocol analyzers you can currently use. Period.

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