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Nagios review

Nagios is a very powerful and highly versatile monitoring network analyzer that allows companies to detect and resolve IT infrastructure issues before they compromise essential business processes. Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, Nagios ensures that your business will not have its uptime and therefore productivity negatively affected by preventing unknown outages from occurring. The tool is so powerful and effective that it'll identify potential issues long before they get larger and affect your clients and end users.

If you're a systems admin or a network administrator and you want to make sure that all your systems are up and running twenty four seven, then Nagios is an extremely useful tool that can bring more stability in your business and also help improve customer satisfaction and eventually ROI.

Any business that uses Nagios will be able to:

1. Monitor it entire business processes and infrastructure.

2. Make sure that potential IT infrastructure outages barely affect the company's bottom line.

3. Coordinate technical team responses.

4. Make sure that your company's SLAs are fully met.

5. Detect and fix problems automatically.

6. Plan for infrastructure upgrades before the older generation systems fail and damage your company's reliability, reputation and bottom line.


The way Nagios works

Monitoring: Nagios can be configured by your IT staff so that it effectively monitors essential IT infrastructure components, such as network infrastructure, servers, services, apps, network protocols and of course, system metrics.

Alerting: When vital infrastructure components fail and eventually get back online, Nagios sends out alerts to the admins to inform them about it. The alerts can also be configured so they're delivered via custom script, SMS or E-mail.

Response: Alerts can be immediately acknowledged by the company staff and resolved. If they're not acknowledged in a certain amount of time, they'll be automatically escalated to various groups. This way, getting the systems back online is going to be done faster without affecting the company's bottom line.

Reporting: Reports make it easy for staff to review alert responses, notifications, but also events and outages. Thanks to the availability reports, you have the peace of mind that your SLAs are eventually going to be met.

Maintenance: Since downtime can be easily scheduled, you won't need to worry about alerts during operating system upgrades or scheduled maintenance. Planning: Capacity and trending planning reports and graphs make it really simple for you to know what infrastructure upgrades are required before any type of failure occurs and damages your company's operations and reputation.

Who's it for?

Nagios can be successfully used by any network regardless of size. From Enterprise to SMB, Nagios will make it easy for you to run your business a lot more responsibly and effectively. Yet while this is one of the few network analyzers out there that can be installed fairly quickly, it does require a bit of patience until you tweak it to meet your specific needs. For example, you'll need to add new plug-ins, edit configuration files and so forth.

How will it actually help my company?

If you use Nagios, you'll be able to keep a very close eye on everything that is happening on your network. Keep in mind that this tool will only monitor what you set it to monitor and when something that Nagios is watching fails, you'll be immediately notified about it so you can take swift action and remedy the issue.

Standout features

1. Reporting system.

2. Capacity trending and planning.

3. Problem remediation is greatly improved thanks to event handlers.

4. Alert system.

5. Loads of plug-ins.

6. Great scalability and simple installation.

7. Excellent level flexibility.

Bottom Line

If you have a company and you want to have the peace of mind that you'll no longer have to deal with time consuming, reputation damaging, but also costly outages, you should certainly start using Nagios as soon as possible. This is an incredible network monitor analyzer that does an excellent job once it's set up and running. Just make sure it's installed and configured by a licensed network expert. You can also tweak it to meet your specific needs, making it one of the few flexible network analyzers you can currently get. All in all, if you want to boost profits and improve customers satisfaction, Nagios is by far the best solution you should start using as soon as possible.

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