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All you need to know about Network analyzer

Any time data transmitted over a given network it is broken down into small packets at the sender's node. These data packets are sent over to the receiver. They get reassembled into the original format the receivers end. A data packet is the smallest unit of communication in a network. It is also known as datagram, block, cell, and segment. The process by which the data packets are captured across the system is called network analyzing or packet sniffing. The tools used for network analyzing are called network analyzers or packet sniffer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Network Analyzers

1. What is the meaning of packet capture?

Answer: It is the process of intercepting a data packet that is moving through a network. The data packet helps in network analysis that is by analysis the data one can know the security status of the net.

2. Explain packet sniffers or network analyzers work?

Answer: Packet sniffers work by intercepting into a network that they can "see." What a packet sniffer can capture depends on the structure of the net. Ones a packet sniffer or network analyzer captures a packet they analyze it and present it in human readable form so that the user of packet sniffer can make use of the data.

It is wise to note a packet sniffer gets set into two ways. Some can be configured to capture all the data in this way we say they are unfiltered. There are those that are set to capture specific packets. We describe them as filtered.

3. What is the standard software tool that is used for packet sniffing or network analysis?

Answer: The most known network analysis or packet sniffing tool is called WireShark. It was known as Ethereal in the past and gathered datagram in real time have them in a form that you can read. It has color coding, filters, and other great features. It helps you analyze individual data packets and helps you go deeper in network matters.

4. Can hackers use packet sniffers?

Answer: Yes, they use packet sniffers to access your network. By packet sniffing, they can gather sensitive information and even spy on your communications with other persons in your network.

5. How can you increase the security of my network?

Answer: You may consider transmitting encrypted data which only the recipient can decrypt. That way a hacker cannot access your info using a packet sniffer.

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