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Top 5 Common Network Analyzer Issues

There some issues brought about by network analyzers. A majority of them are as follows.

1. They enable unauthorized individuals to access your information.

Network analyzers make it possible for unauthorized individuals to obtain information from your network. If the communication between you and your recipient is not encrypted, then it is at risk of being accessed by hackers. They use network analyzers to carry out their eavesdropping .

2. It makes unauthorized persons collect Confidential information.

By using network analyzers, hackers can collect information such as passwords, pins to mention but a few. There is such a notable threat, and any network user needs to be careful.

3. It makes it possible for some to capture some of the packets and use it to playback.

When hackers use packet sniffers to capture packets in your network they can use them for a replay in case there is one.

4.Injection of attacks in your network.

Some hackers will inject attacks into the packets that they have captured in your network and release them back. It will introduce attacks into your network.

5. It makes spying possible by individuals that are not of goodwill.

Packet sniffers always make it possible for individuals to spy what is happening in your network. They can know everything in your network.

Where to get help about network analyzers?

They are often network analyzer support community established by your network providers. They specialize in various fields, for example, there are the Vector network analyzers. You can always follow the instructions from your network providers about network analyzer support.


Network analyzers are here to stay. Even as much as they have benefits, they also cause many issues. We, therefore, need to be careful as we use them to ripe maximum benefits from them.

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