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Application Performance Monitoring

A lot of startups these days use the internet in order to make great apps available to the masses with the hope they'll rapidly become vital tools for a wide range of users around the world. The purpose of these startups is to create apps that not only become essential in the users' personal life, but their professional life as well. While there are plenty of new companies that focus on cloud technology in order to host and also develop apps, for some of them the fact they are not in control of their apps is a bit worrisome.

The good news, though, is that APM tools or application performance monitoring tools allow businesses to easily control the behavior of their internet apps by assessing and also improving their company critical apps based on the specific goals of their application. So with that in mind, what are some of the benefits of using APM tools?

Reduced Time-to-Market

The integration with the monitored app and its back-end infrastructure is something that a lot of companies used to do in-house, but the truth is that this is not only time consuming, but also very difficult. On the other hand, by using a software as a service app performance monitoring tool, companies won't have to worry about spending their time and money to do so, since they can just complete this phase of their startup by using SaaS APM tools.

Save On Resources

In their infancy, many startups need to reach a very large market in a very short amount of time. In this case, having a monitoring app that integrates effortlessly and fast saves them a lot of resources. These resources on the other hand can eventually be used in order to launch the product as fast as possible and then promote it to the masses.

Low Risk of Technology Devolution

While for a few years (usually 1-2 years) application performance monitoring tools developed by the company itself may seem to work perfectly fine, after that they're going to become obsolete because of the evolution of app development technologies . In comparison, a service as a software APM tool is always updated since it's managed by the service provider. As a result, you won't have to worry at all about service interruptions or interferences of any kind.

Any business out there that relies on IT solutions for its business transactions and processes is undoubtedly worried about devolution. However, with a cloud based APM tool provided as a service instead of a product, they don't need to. That’s because the service provider is the one that’s going to update the tools as necessary in order to remain competitive and keep offering its clients the high quality services they deserve.

Saving Money

When an APM solution is provided as a service with no application performance monitoring specific hardware maintenance and purchasing costs, but also no software licensing fees, it is a lot more affordable and convenient for businesses to use them instead of purchasing APM tools as a product. By using a software as a service APM solution instead of an in-house solution, organizations can save up to sixty percent per annum in APM expenditures. As for the resources that they save, startups can use them in order to grow their business even more.

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