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Network analyzers Reviews and Tutorials

Welcome to WireShark.com. We offer reviews, tutorials on the best network analyzers both software and hardware monitoring tools and services. Before purchasing or downloading any network analyzer or monitoring tool, be sure to read our Wifi Network Analysis products and services reviews web pages. We also offer a small Network Glossary, which shows you a list of Wifi specific terms and definitions.

What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is the use of a system or software (Wireshark Packet Sniffer) to detect network errors, network device failure, network congestion amongst other issues that a computer network may experience. Whether for personal or commercial use, we want to help you find the best, affordable and robust network analyzer that allows the best experience in monitoring a network.

What is a Network Analyzer?

Network analyzers, also known as "packet sniffers" capture, log and analyze data transferred between and over a network for the purpose of troubleshooting network issues, gathering wifi usage statistics, detect network misuse, monitoring for security intrusions, and for the Blackhat purpose of spying on users.


What types of Network Analyzers are there?

Network analyzers come in hardware, as well as software versions. Hardware is used for packet sniffing typically works just like a router, where as software based network analyzers run on the devices being monitored. GigaStore is a great example of a network analysis recorder. As a hardware device it plays a vital role in data mining, network investigation and data retention. It not only displays data, but it allows for you to capture and drill down to precise data that provides evidence. Software network analyzers are most commonly used for either the invasion of privacy or others for monitoring server traffic, where as hardware wifi packet sniffers are most commonly used for diagnostics and monitoring for performance and security related purposes.

Network packet sniffing legalities

Packet sniffing, in the wrong context, is illegal and governed by multiple laws. For example, the Wiretap Act states, "to intercept and monitor [communications] placed over their facilities in order to combat fraud and theft of service.” For example, some may use a Wi fi Sniffer to analyzer and sniff passwords and cookies. However, when a packet sniffer is used for the right purpose, it proves to be a perfect resource.

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