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What is a Network Protocol Analyzer?

A network protocol analyzer is a combination of programming and hardware and in certain cases, a separate hardware device that can be installed in a network or computer in order to improve its security level against viruses and other types of malicious activities.

What does a network protocol analyzer do?

A network analyzer like WireShark is basically designed to monitor a network with the purpose of identifying suspicious activities. If such activities are detected, the NPA will alert the admin about it. Therefore, anyone who wants to make sure their network is fully protected from viruses, malware, adware and similar infections should certainly consider using a NPA.

Choosing and implementing a network analyzer

When used as a corporate security tool, it's important to keep in mind that a NPA needs to be distributed since this is going to make it possible for it to cover all of the network's areas. On top of that, the NPA should also be capable of capturing and decoding all protocols from every type of media, including 802.11, WAN, Ethernet, etc) on which the corporate data flows.


It's important to keep in mind that a NPA will never replace antivirus software, anti malware programs and firewalls. Its purpose and role is that of improving network security by alerting the admin when an infection has occurred so that he can take the necessary steps to remove it as soon as possible.

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